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Marc Stevens’ Government: Indicted

Government Indicted

The book, Marc Stevens’ Government: Indicted is for sale at the author’s website and at

Original book subtitle:
“Believing in government is the worship of psychopaths. Ridding the world of the idea that governments are legitimate. Showing there’s no rational basis for government”

5.0 out of 5 stars
Government: Indicted is the eagerly-awaited sequel to the highly acclaimed lawyer-upsetting people-helping book, Marc Stevens’ Adventures in Legal Land (available at Thousands in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand have used the information in AiLL to resolve problems with bureaucrats and win cases in court – from traffic tickets, to state and federal tax cases, to possession charges.

Government: Indicted expands on the principles presented in AiLL, with many more damning dialogues with bureaucrats, and emphasis on the psychology of the ruling psychopaths and their victims. In fact, one of the main takeaways of the book is:

We are ruled by psychopaths and sociopaths

The author cites several scientific studies to back his argument. Reason and evidence permeate the book – lots of firsthand experience is related. I even picked up a valuable health tip that I will never forget (on p. 11)! The book seems too long at 557 pages though, but some repetition to reinforce key concepts doesn’t hurt.

Look at the book’s subtitle again: “Ridding the world of the idea that governments are legitimate.” That is to say:

Get rid of the idea that that which is immoral/illegal for individuals to do, is moral/legal for a group calling themselves government to do!

Is it okay for you to kill, lie or steal? No. Then how can it be okay for an individual or group of individuals calling themselves government to do it? It can’t. Simple observation. A caveman can get it. Those impaired by indoctrination or propaganda may have a harder time.

“Government” is just a d/b/a for people – killers, liars and thieves – who want to obfuscate their criminal behavior from the majority of people who don’t realize what’s going on

Like AiLL, the information presented in G:I is actionable in the real world to help you live freer or minimize damage from criminal bureaucrats.

Government: Indicted is presented in two parts: the indictment showing the psychological and economic damage caused by the government concept; then a model for dealing with bureaucratic attacks, including proven strategies you can use in their circus courts to defend yourself and get the attack dropped.

For example, challenge them about where’s the evidence the constitution and laws apply and there is jurisdiction. Also ask where’s the evidence that there is standing, a valid case or a true adversary. If there was any evidence, then they would provide it. But there isn’t any. All they rely on is fear and violence. As noted in AiLL, their laws are just opinions backed by a gun.

Other highlights include:

* The tax theft agents who admit, “There is no evidentiary procedure to determine whether or not one is a taxpayer with taxable income.” – p. 392

* Lots of antics from the psychopaths in black costumes (courtroom judges), like accepting the testimony of a cop they’ve declared incompetent to testify!

* Lots of transcripts with state lackeys, from lawyers to clerks, so you know what gibberish to expect from them and how to deal with it to get what you want – like have them leave you alone!

* And many useful tips, such as: focus on the facts and don’t get distracted by opinion; ask questions regarding evidence and don’t take a position; keep the burden-of-proof on them to provide evidence that their law applies to you in the first place etc…

Marc Stevens: “Show me the evidence your laws apply.”

Here are a few of the real-life perps discussed inside – maybe you’ve been unlucky enough to run into one of them:

Mary, east Mesa justice court
John Webb, lawyer with the prosecutor’s office in Keene, New Hampshire
Jeff Thompson, Utah
Ben Pearlman, county attorney, Colorado
Rick Brown, Whitefield, New Hampshire
Mike Nifong, North Carolina
Melinda Lasater, San Diego, California
Bruce Malonee, Maine
Susan Hinkle, Washington
the Chelan county Washington commissioners
Lon Seal, New Hampshire
Samson, San Diego cop
Clark Askins, Texas
Chris Lianos, New Hampshire
Betty Thomas, New Hampshire
Larry Burns, Idaho
Casey Hill, Ontario, Canada
Joe Arpaio, Arizona
Harold Reeb
Robin Allen
Richard Bohlander
Jonathan Lapin, San Diego

Help make the world a little more civilized: grab a copy of the book Marc Stevens’ Government: Indicted and tell a friend about it. Please share at the bottom of this page.

“The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost invariably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane and intolerable.”
~ H.L. Mencken, American writer 1880-1956

– – –

Customer review. Marc Stevens is a hero of mine; I have known and trusted him since 1997. I applied the information in Adventures in Legal Land to get a traffic ticket dismissed in court (to cease further extortion of funds from me), and to deal with criminals doing business as state and federal tax theft agents. I have recommended his books to anyone who will listen.

Disclosure: When you click on the link above, purchase the book and read it, you may stop waving the flag of an imaginary country, stop paying attention to criminal politicians/bureaucrats except to avoid being damaged by them, or withdraw your support of criminal activity and stop voting. That’s healthy and normal. Thank you and good luck.

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